My journey started about six years ago when I was introduced to a black lab named Judge. I had met Judge at several outings he joined with his (human) mother Stephanie, and he seemed like a very well-behaved, happy and content dog. We really got know each other later when Stephanie had to travel back and forth from Tennessee to California to take care of her dying grandfather. I began dog sitting for Judge on a regular basis, and through that experience, realized that I not only enjoyed it, but I was good at it.

Judge’s mama must have agreed, as she began spreading the word to her friends that I was the person to contact if they needed dog sitting services.

I had never really thought about opening up my own business, but in 2012, after several friends continued to ask me, “when are you going to make this a business”, I started thinking about how I could offer my services to other people. I realized there were a lot of dog owners who couldn’t go home during lunch to let their dogs out, or who traveled for their jobs, or were required to attend long meetings and conferences. Many of them didn’t want to send their dogs off to Pet Day Care, and most of them would rather allow their best friends to stay in the comforts of their own homes.

So after doing some research in the area, and meeting with friends who owned their own business, “Camp Stacy” was born. The name came from my friend Stephanie, who, after years of having me look after Judge, began calling me that when she’d return home and see home much fun Judge and I had in her absence.


Sadly, Judge passed away last year, but I was able to take care of him during his last days, and was there with him to say good-bye! I will be forever grateful to Judge and Stephanie for letting me be part of their lives and for encouraging me to do this!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Was referred to you by someone in my neighborhood. I have a couple of work trips coming up, and my partner that normally is here with my two dogs just recently moved out. Interested in your services. Thanks

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