Tails of the Trail

Recently I have been introduced to “Meet Up” groups, which is an organized group that have a common interest in something. You like to kayak (like I do), they have a group, you like to go hiking, they’ve got one for that too! Pretty much anything you might be interested in, I’m sure they have a group for that!

In exploring some of the other activities out there, I came across a “humans hiking homeless hounds” section. There were several Meet Up groups involved with this. I decided to check it out and this past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the local Rescue Animal Shelter and walk a pup through the Tails of the Trail Meet Up group.
There were about 40 of us that signed up, we met at 8 am and were given our instructions. The organizers of the group didn’t know what the temperament of the dogs that they would be given, so the #1 rule was, stay 10 feet away from other dogs! I liked that rule a lot!

We all stood waiting in line, anticipating what kind of dog each of us were going to receive. There was also an option for those that were not interested in walking a larger dog, that they would be matched up with a smaller dog!

As the dogs started to come out one by one, you could see the excited of getting to be outside and getting to go on a walk. Some of them needed to be in more of a harness, their enthusiasm was a little too much for the handler, so the harness made them a little easier to control!

I got matched up with Ms. Reba McIntyre, no joke, that was her name! She was a black pit bull with some red brindle in her. She was very energetic, sweet and strong! She loved being outside and she loved receiving treats even more! We walked the trail close to the shelter for a little over an hour, maybe an 1.5 hrs.

I had talked to one of the organizers about Reba and unfortunately she has been at the shelter for awhile! I hate to see pups in a rescue shelter, however, I am thankful that there are rescue shelters available for pups that are abandoned.

I think I might try and make some visits out to the shelter and request walking Ms. Reba!

I would highly recommend that you check out if your community has meet up groups and see if they have the opportunity to walk rescue shelter pups. If not, I bet if you stop by your local shelter an ask about walking some pups, they would love that!

Thank you to the Tails of the Trail Meet Up group for organizing such a great event, I will definitely be back!


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