What’s Your Plan?

One of the concerns that I had as a dogsitter was, “what if something happened to me while I am dogsitting?” Of course if the pup was with me, people would make sure that everything was taken care of. However, what if I was running errands and I was involved in a car accident, how would anyone know that I was possibly caring for pups?

Well, with the beauty of social media and the advertisements that they have. I came across this great website iHeartDogs.com. They have these great informational wallet cards that let people know that you have pets at home. You can even check the list of pets that you have. What a great idea! I’ve seen stickers on windows indicating that there are pets in the home, in case of a fire. But I had not seen anything like this!

This is exactly what I needed! I have listed a couple of contacts that know my work schedule, so not only will my family be contacted, but the pup’s owner will be contacted as well! Of course, I hope the card will never be used, but at least a plan is in place if needed.

Do you have a plan?



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