Maine-ly Dog Friendly!


imageOn my recent trip to Maine, I was pleasantly surprised at how dog friendly many of the businesses are!

Most of the stores allowed dogs in their stores and most of the restaurants had outdoor dining so that your best friend could join you. It was great to see the dogs in the stores, however, it sort of caught me off guard for a little bit!

One of my favorite places to see the pups was at the Jordan Pond House, nestled in the beautiful Acadia National Park  outside of Bar Harbor. You can sit outside on wooden benches under the shelter from the sun of an umbrella, enjoying afternoon tea and a popover! While you are enjoying your food, your best friend can enjoy some fresh water in a bowl provided by the restaurant!


If you decide to explore Acadia, there are many trails that can be hiked or to take a bike ride on, as well as horse back riding and/or carriage rides. It’s a great place that everyone will enjoy!

(Harley and her family)


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