Hades to the Rescue

I heard on the radio this morning about this 8-year-old boy who was rescued from a swarm of bees, by his pit bull, Hades. Hades laid down where the boy could get on his back and Hades carried him to the boy’s mother.

What a great story!!!! We need to hear more stories of how good pit bulls can be with people and especially children. Now, I will tell you, unfortunately because of the bad rap that the pit bull gets, I am still not a big fan and they make me a little bit nervous. However, I continue to remind myself that even though the pit bull is known as an “aggressive” breed a lot of it has to do with how the dog was raised!

I have known people who have had very gentle pit bulls, that you could pretty much do anything to the dog and their was absolutely no aggressive reaction. I have also known people who have had some not so gentle pit bulls, wanting to use them more as guard dogs! I’ve not ever been a big fan of the “guard dog” mentality anyway, but that’s for another time!

When I had gone to California back in February, I had wanted to work with pit rescue organization out there for a couple of days, just to help me understand the pits a little bit better and help me with my hesitation towards them. Unfortunately I was not able to do that, but we do have a pit rescue organization her locally, maybe I can go out there sometime!

Anyway, I hope that you will read the story about this sweet boy and his buddy, Hades!

Also, I wanted to share this adorable picture of a friends granddaughter and her buddy, Turbo (a pit bull). I love how she is able to check all his vitals and Turbo just patiently sits, so cute!!!



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