Hi, my name is Lulu and I like dragging my momma’s things from the house out to the back yard! My momma always asks me “why do you do this?” I’m a little confused, isn’t this what all dogs do? My sister, Coco, has never stopped me before, she’s usually sleeping. Or she just sits and watches me. I don’t really understand why more dogs aren’t doing this….it’s…so…much…fun!!!

Although there was this one time….

Ok so, my Aunt Charlotte came into town, apparently my momma and my Aunt Charlotte are going somewhere, which means Camp Stacy is coming for a visit!!!!! I have so much fun when Camp Stacy comes.
Anyway, back to my story, so my Aunt Charlotte comes over and my momma takes the gate down that leads upstairs. Awesome, I guess I’m allowed to go up there now by myself, so I did. You wouldn’t believe the fun stuff that I found up there. There are all these colorful boxes, momma must have got some knew chew toys….I wonder what the “MK” on the boxes means, oh well!

I should probably have grabbed some of the chew toys  for Coco, but to be honest, I don’t do really well with sharing, so she was on her own!

I didn’t get a chance to thank momma for the new chew toys, she was busy helping Aunt Charlotte unpack. Oh well, I would thank her later. So I hurried and took my new chew toys out to the back yard! These chew toys were in these neat plastic thingy, so it made it easier for me to toss the toys in the air, how fun!!! Boy, my momma sure knows what fun toys to pick out!!!

Apparently you can really only toss one of the chew toys in the air about 3 times before that plastic thingy breaks. I was so happy that I had brought out about 4 chew toys, that kept me entertained for a little while. I didn’t get to play with all my chew toys before momma called me in to go to bed, oh well, I will play with them tomorrow. I was thinking I might even get a chance to bring more of the chew toys outside.

Momma and Aunt Charlotte headed out early the next morning, I didn’t get a chance to thank her for my chew toys. After they left, I noticed that they forgot to put up the gate, saweet, I thought I had been a really good girl and this just proved it. Momma wouldn’t have left the gate down, unless she was so proud of me and wanted me to grab more of the chew toys!! Done!!!!

After I had spent most of the afternoon in the yard with my new chew toys! Camp  Counselor Stacy arrived, I love her….although, she seems to be a little dramatic at times! We were having a good time playing, when she noticed my chew toys, I thought she was going to be so excited for me, but she kept saying NO…NO…..NO….apparently momma did not tell her how good of a girl I have been and did not think I deserved all those chew toys!!!! She then picked up all my chew toys and made me go in the house!! Then she made me go up the stairs, I looked at Coco, but Camp Counselor Stacy insisted that I was going to “walk up the stairs of shame” by myself. Does anyone have any idea what that means???? I’m guessing by the way she was acting, she was upset because she wasn’t able to give me the chew toys, maybe! Everytime we got to a chew toy that I apparently missed, she would hold it up to me and get a little dramatic, again repeating NO over and over again….I mean what is her deal…calm down!!

Well, apparently those chew toys were not chew toys after all, I guess momma gives them to ladies for some reason.  From now on, I am going to just stick with bringing my favorite pillows and blankets outside!


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