Meet Charlie May

Charlie_1 Charlie

I would like to introduce you to Charlie, he belongs to a co-worker of mine. Recently I was able to sit down and visit with Charlie and ask him some questions.

CS: Charlie, what kind of dog are you?
CM: I am a golden-doodle, which is really neat because I am like two dogs in  one! Poodle (so that all my friends/ family who have allergies aren’t allergic  and so my mom isn’t vacuuming the house every single second of the day) and  golden retriever – so I am so loving, friendly, and very loyal.

CS: How  old are you Charlie and when is your birthday?
CM: I am ALMOST 1 year old. Its so  close… I cant wait to be ONE!! My birthday is December 6 and my mom told me  that we are going to have a party with my friends and that I will get to eat  puppy ice cream!!

CS: Do you have a favorite  color?
My favorite  color is blue – we like the Yankees in our  house!

CS: What is your favorite treat?

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! My mom gives it  to me all the time (don’t tell dad) 🙂 If I do all my tricks and if I am a  really good boy I usually get peanut butter and it is the  BEST!

CS: What is your favorite activity to do?
I love going on walks with my mom and  dad – sometimes we go hiking at Percy and that is really fun too – but man am I  tired afterwards !!!! We just moved into a house and I really like running in my  backyard and playing Frisbee!

CS: You  have such a shiny coat, what is your secret?
Huh? I think you will have to ask my  mom this question…. maybe lots of peanut butter ?

Mom’s answer :: Buddy Wash Shampoo – its the best! And  good quality food – it really does make a difference.

CS: Your curly hair is amazing, women  pay a lot of money to get that curl, is that natural?
Well I do have a girlfriend Luna,  maybe that’s why she likes me… I’ll have to ask her next time I see her. My  mom tells me that my curly hair comes from the poodle in me. And yes its natural  – dad would NOT be happy if mom was trying to make me into a fru fru dog… or  at least that’s what he says….

CS: Do you have any favorite TV shows  that you like to watch?
CM: I really like watching golf…. I think it’s because I like watching the  ball. Usually dad and I have to watch it when mom isn’t home though… she  doesn’t seem to think that watching the ball bounce around is very fun… AND I  like football too. My mom doesn’t watch things that are very fun for me so  usually I only watch TV when dad is home.

CS: What’s on  your bucket list?
Well  my dad was telling me about something the other day – I think he said it was  called  “a therapy dog” – Dad said there are a few kinds of dogs that  are able to help people who are sick in the hospital and I AM ONE OF THEM! He  told me it takes lots of hard work and training but that if I work really hard  one day I can go visit the kids and adults who are not feeling well and need a  friend to play with. And I happen to think that would be a really  neat thing to do…. oh and breaking into the pantry and eating A WHOLE JAR OF  PEANUT BUTTER while mom and dad are at work.


6 thoughts on “Meet Charlie May

  1. This is really cute! Wish Charlie May lived a little closer so he could play with our silly new older poodle who is settling in to our home!!

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