No Cats Allowed

When I was a little girl, I was terrified of animals, so the doctor told my parents to get me an animal, so I would get used to them and not be so scared around them.

Enter a gray and white striped cat named, “Pat, the Cat”, okay so the name needed a little work.

Anyway, the only memory I have of “Pat, the Cat”, was in the house that we lived in, I would run around the house dragging my favorite blanket. Every time I got to one certain spot in the house, “Pat, the Cat, would jump on my blanket and ride for a little bit. That seemed to entertain me for hours, maybe it wasn’t hours, but it kept me busy and out of mom’s hair for a little bit!
Who needed TV or video games,  okay so maybe there weren’t a lot of video game options out there when I was a child! 🙂

The reason that I don’t have a lot of memories about Pat, the Cat, is that we found out that I was allergic to cats and dogs. So that meant the parents needed to find a good home for good ole “Pat, the cat”. Which she ended up going to the neighbors and later had a few litter of kittens that I saw from time to time.

So why is a girl allergic to dogs starting a “Dogsitting/Walking” business? So that the Lord will get all the glory and not me!! Afterall, it was his idea!!!

So….that is the reason why “No Cats Allowed”, and as Paul Harvey used to say…”now you know the rest of the story!


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